Want to find more information on how to take better care of your Cocker spaniel? Look no further as we’ve listed down some of the best resources recommended by the top dog show experts in the world.

DOG Merchants – http://www.dogmerchants.com/ – Want to get your pup started on their training early but don’t know where to begin? Dog Merchants will help you find real reviews from dog owners all of the nation and their experience with breeders and rescuers. With a large database, you will surely find merchants, links to more resources, articles and more.

American Kennel Club – http://www.akc.org/ – The American Kennel Club is a none-for-profit organization that offers the largest purebred registry for dogs all over the globe. Every year, more than 20,000 events are held with sponsorship by AKC. This organization will help you find sports, extensive programs, events and more.

Sensitive Dog – http://www.sensitivedog.com/ – Want to find more information and help on private and intensive training? Sensitive Dog will help you find the balance in proper training as well as guide you in managing proper behavior.

Canadian Kennel Club – http://www.ckc.ca/en – The Canadian Kennel Club is a non-profit national organization that provides the registry for all breeds that are officially recognized. CKC offers helpful information regarding trials, dog show events, and approved dog shows.

Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services – http://www.ancientartsvet.com/ – The Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Service provides a facility of limited services based on the art of vet acupuncture and natural healing. Their main goal is to move from western medicine and promote holistic wellness through non-toxic forms of pet therapies.

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