We Welcome You to Showcase Cockers.

We are here to provide useful information and updates for Cocker owners all over the world looking for their next showcase to enter.

Showcase Cockers was created in 1999, and quickly become a business dedicated to offering an established standpoint for show dogs, particularly Cocker Spaniels. Since the beginning, we have established our kennel for Showcase Cocker spaniels that stemmed from our love of the Cocker breed.

With a passion about our cockers, we enjoy building their confidence and learn something new from them every day. Our goal is to provide the perfect companion and playmate for your family as our showcase Cockers are full of lovabletemperaments.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and secure Cocker spaniel breeding service as well as help educate others in proper training, care, and participation with cocker spaniels. We promote awareness and sportsmanship amongst Cocker owners.

We believe in the beauty of the cocker spaniel breed, especially in its working ability, versatility, and strong as a wonderful competitor and companion. Contact us now to see why we take pride in our dogs and why soundness and temperament are important to us.